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The Awesome Title That Never Was

Ramblings of a slightly sane person

12 January
My, name as you know, is Shinithemegami, Shini for short.

I'm 20 and have two sisters. One older one and a younger one, which makes me the middle child. My younger sister is taller than me, much to my dismay. T__T I've got four dogs named Heidi, Lily, Suki (or however my sister spells it), and Zelda. Heidi is a Rat Terrier mix, extremely insane, and barks at dirt. Lily is a Rat Terrier, extremely lazy, and extremely chubby. They both bark at anything, everything, and nothing at all. Suki is a Beagle, extremely hyper and cute, kinda two-faced, and an expert at getting herself into all kinds of trouble. Zelda is a giant 6 or 7 month (not sure which) English Mastiff puppy, she's adorable and the most well behaved out of all our dogs.

My room is an organized mess and I like it that way. I've taken four semesters of Japanese. I like drawing and writing stories and poems. I would post my drawings if I had the means to get the pictures on the computer but I don't, anymore at least. Once I get a bigger hard disk for my laptop, I'll be able to load my Wacom Tablet on to it without fear of slowing my computer way down. I want to write professionally; I also want to go into psychology.